Monday, February 27, 2012


suddenly today i feel sad,very very sad.because,hmm i have to go back to shah alam,i am very unexited to contineu my semester 6.i feel like i want to drop my sem, mgaarut you know.but hmm life must be contineu,so i must strenghten morale and wake up from dream,if i want to be successfull in my life i have to be stroonger to pass over my life.hmm,i really need someone that can makes me feel beter.em,sometime i feel like nobody are with me,sometimes i feel i'm alone.everyone is very buzy with their life,i feel like want to go to moon because the are no people there n then i will feel really lonely there.hmmm,after this i have to do my work that interrupted.this work utterly hanging overme all this while. i really hate to study anymore.that all thankyou.

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